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To our dear VALUED Patients;

We hope this letter finds you and your family in good health.  We are happy to announce that our office has REOPENED and are seeing patients for all your needs! We are writing to let you know that while there have been changes everywhere, one thing has remained the same: our commitment safety and excellent care for you and your family.

Infection control has always been a top priority for our practice. You may have been aware of this in the past, and you certainly will be aware of it now.  Our infection control processes are made so that when you receive care, it is both safe and comfortable.  We want to take this opportunity to reassure you about the infection control procedures we are following in order to keep patients and staff safe so that your next visit will be as comfortable as possible.

Our office follows infection control recommendations made by the American Dental Association (ADA), the CDC and OSHA.  We follow the activities of these agencies so that we are up-to-date on any new guidance that may be issued.  We do this to make certain that our infection control procedures are current and adhere to each agencies’ recommendations. As a result, you may see changes prior to and during your next appointment. We ask your understanding and patience in order to help protect our patients and staff. 

For example:

Due to our strict infection control protocol, we ask that you please arrive on time

In order to minimize the number of people in the office at all times, we discourage any    patients or family members from waiting in the reception room.

Our office will communicate with you beforehand to ask some screening questions. You will be asked those same questions again when you arrive at our office.

We will ask for you to call our office when you arrive and remain in your car until a staff member calls you to come inside. She will then take your temperature and ask screening questions.

We ask that all patients wear a mask when they enter the office.

When entering/leaving the building, please use the handicapped button to the far left of the doors so that they will open automatically.

Please use the hand sanitizer available when you enter and leave the office.

We are decreasing the number of patients seen during the day and increasing appointment times to allow more time to clean and disinfect all patient and staff areas. Appointments will be managed to allow for proper distancing between patients. This might mean that you are offered fewer options for scheduling your appointment. Please understand that this is so that we can properly disinfect our treatment rooms and put on our proper protective equipment.  Much of these procedures require more time than prior to this health crisis and your understanding is appreciated.

We very much look forward to seeing you again and thank you for being our patient.  We are making every effort to accommodate all requests and get everyone back on their recare schedule.  Should you need to make an appointment please call our office at 404-633-9663. We value your trust and loyalty and look forward to welcoming back our patients, neighbors, and friends.

Yours Most Sincerely,

Drs. Bogdanoff, Eisenberg , McTier & Upshaw


Facts about Juvederm & Lips

FACT: Lips get thinner as you age



Lips get their shape in part from collagen. But as the body ages, the body produces less of this critical protein, and the lips start to lose their plumpness. The thinner and more wrinkled the lips become with age, weather, sun, smoking, the deeper the creases around your mouth get. As the natural Collagen and Elastin, which give your lips a pouty shape, break down over time, the lines seem to just settle in. Once the lines become etched into your skin, there's less definition and is a dead giveaway about your age.

The fastest way to get those luscious lips back to your teenage years is by using Juvederm. Found naturally within the body, hyaluronic acid binds 1,000 times it's weight in moisture to the skin giving the appearance of fullness. Juvederm is hyaluronic acid and through these injections you'll be able to restore your lips to their pouty best. We can also fill those troublesome vertical lines around the mouth and the naso-labial folds (the parenthesis beside your nostrils). Within an hour, you'll be able to proceed with the rest of your day with very little inflammation or discomfort.

Juvederm Ultra: $400 per syringe



Great job's, great pay for Dental Hygienist's

The Cavity-Fighting Power of Cheese:
New research suggests that patients may have a new tool to help prevent the development of cavities-cheese. A recent study published in General Dentistry, the journal ...of the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD), found that cheese changes the pH of the oral environment, suggesting that it may help reduce the risk of tooth erosion. The researchers randomly divided
68 subjects aged 12 to 15 years into
three groups and monitored dental plaque pH before and after their consumption of sugar-free yogurt, milk, or cheddar cheese. Levels of pH were measured 10, 20, and 30 minutes after eating or drinking.
A change in pH was only obser ved
in the individuals who consumed cheese, whose oral pH rose at each time interval. The act of chewing stimulates saliva production and is at least partly responsible for the rise in pH. Compounds in cheese may also adhere to teeth, creating additional protection, the authors hypothesized.

GMOM Final Results





GMOM Final Results






The results are in: GMOM 2013 was a complete success!

 Volunteers made it possible for hundreds of patients to be relieved from dental pain and to provide dental care to those that could not afford to pay for care. Some patients on Friday were able to receive multiple procedures due to the lower patient volume that day.


Click here to view our video that chronicles $1.6 million in care that was provided to 1,619 patients.


This success could not have been done without the efforts of the volunteers who participated in the clinic. 


Here are some of the final results:

-Total procedures: 9975

 -this includes 2277 extractions, 181 dentures, 1019 fillings, 2064 X-rays, 105 root canals, and 458 cleanings

-Age: ranged from 0 to 86 (average age 41)

-108 Georgia towns represented, as well as 4 other states

-# who are uninsured: 82.85%

-% who have not seen a dentist in 2+ years: 58.19%

-Average travel time: 45 minutes








Discounted Dentistry Information

Discounted Dentistry Information

Important Note:  Any charitable dentistry that we perform is done through specific charitable organizations.  If you are looking for discounted or free charitable dental services, please refer to this helpful listing for sources.

Discounted or charitable dental services may be available to qualifying low income individuals at a number of dental clinics listed below.  A number of these facilities are very nice and they may provide the most cost effective way to obtain dental care in a reduced or low cost way.  The following information may have changed since we put this together, so you should contact each clinic directly for details on what services they provide, and what fees (if any) that they charge. For example, some clinics may have waiting lists for services; be open only on certain days; accept only patients from certain counties; and not accept emergencies. In addition to these clinics, Georgia Partnership for Caring may be able to match persons without insurance with a dentist.


Ben Massell Dental Clinic                                                                             
700 Fourteenth St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

Comprehensive dental exam, No emergency service

For low income only

Six month residence in Atlanta area required (unless referred by an agency)

Statement of clearance required from medical doctor if medical problem exists

Clinic hours (for registered patients) 9AM – 4 PM


Grant Park Health Center
Grant Street, SW
Atlanta, GA  30315

General Dentistry

No extractions

Based on income


Southside Medical Center 
1039 Ridge Avenue
Atlanta, GA  30315
404-688-1350 Ext. 553

Registration is necessary for medical and dental treatment.

Evidence of income and insurance is required

Fees based on a sliding fee schedule

Payment expected at time of treatment


Dental Student Clinic
Medical College of Georgia
1459 Laney Walker Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30912


Good Samaritan Center
239 Ivan Allen Junior Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-523-6571 x-221

Cleanings, fillings, root canals, partials, and dentures.

Children 7 and up, adults


Southside Healthcare
510 Parkway Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30308


West End Medical Center
868 York Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA

No extractions

General dentistry

Sliding fee schedule based on income


Cobb County Health Department

Cobb County Residents

Registration required before appointment is assigned

School screenings cost $2.00

Clinic hours: 8 AM – 5 PM, M-Fri


DeKalb County Health Departments
Clifton Springs Dental Clinic: 404-244-4410
DeKalb/Atlanta: 404-370-4640
Central DeKalb: 404-508-7890
East DeKalb: 770-484-2623
North DeKalb: 770-454-1144

Proof of income required

$50.00 deposit (may be more or less)

General dentistry


Fulton County Health Department

Fulton County Residents

Children 13-17 years of age

Comprehensive dental care


Grady Hospital Dental Clinic
Hughes Spalding for Children
Dr. Lense: 404-616-3304
80 Butler Street, NE
3rd Floor Clinic Area
Atlanta, GA

Fulton County/DeKalb Residents

Emergencies seen in surgical emergency clinic

Grady registration card required before making an appointment


Grady Oral Health Center (HIV and AIDS patients only)


Kirkwood West Dental Clinic


Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
35 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303


The Emory Clinic
Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Emory Clinic Building B
1365 Clifton Road, NE
Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30322


Emory, Dr. Susan Muller, Soft Tissue Pathology


Atlanta Community Access Coalition


Cobb County Dental Clinic, Marietta


Georgia Baptist Mobile Health


GA Partnership for Caring


Neighborhood Union Health Center, Atlanta


Give Back a Smile Program




Six GREAT reasons to have your teeth clean!!

1.      To prevent gum disease
Gum (periodontal) disease is a bacterial infection caused by plaque – the sticky, colorless, bacteria-filled film that adheres to your teeth. As plaque builds up on teeth, it hardens and becomes tartar, which can be difficult to remove. The bacteria in plaque produce toxins that irritate the gums and cause inflammation and gingivitis. If bacteria are not removed and the inflammation continues, the gum tissues can be destroyed and more advanced stages of gum disease may follow. Learn more about gum disease.

2.      To keep your teeth
As gum disease advances, the pockets grow deeper, and plaque moves further down the tooth root, destroying supporting bone. The affected teeth may loosen and eventually fall out. Since gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in adults, regular dental exams and cleanings and brushing and flossing in between visits are vital to keeping your teeth. Learn more about brushing and flossing in between dental cleanings.

3.      To have a brighter smile
Personal habits – such as tobacco use or drinking coffee, tea and other beverages – can cause tooth staining. Certain medications also can discolor teeth. Teeth cleaning by your dentist or hygienist, however, can often remove these external stains – and it promotes good oral health. In addition to removing plaque and tartar during your cleaning, your hygienist will also polish your teeth to a beautiful shine. The result? A whiter and brighter smile! Learn more about keeping your teeth white.

4.      To prevent bad breath
Persistent bad breath (halitosis) has oral causes such as poor oral hygiene, periodontal disease, a coating on the surface of the tongue, food stuck between teeth, unclean dentures, oral carcinomas or throat infections. Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing many of these conditions and can, in turn, prevent bad breath. Regular checkups and cleanings are the best way to make sure that you are maintaining good oral hygiene. Learn more about preventing bad breath.

5.      To help maintain overall health
There is mounting evidence of a connection between a person’s oral and overall health. Recent studies have linked heart attacks and strokes to gum disease. Although no causal relationships have been discovered, a dental cleaning every six months to keep your teeth and gums healthy could possibly reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. In addition, if you have regular oral examinations, your dentist may be the first health care provider to diagnose a health problem in its early stages. Learn more about the connection between oral and overall health.

6.      To make the most of your dental benefits
Most Dental plans have low or no copayments/coinsurance for routine preventive care such as dental cleanings and checkups every six months. If you take advantage of your benefits, you’ll save money in the long run by avoiding more costly dental procedures that can result from poor oral hygiene.


UPDATE: GMOM-Georgia Mission of Mercy
GMOM- Gerogia Mission of Mercy Event was very Successful!!

See the link below to view many photo's of this event and you might even see Dr.Eisenberg too!!.
GMOM- Gerogia Mission of Mercy Event was very Successful!!

See the link below to view many photo's of this event and you might even see Dr.Eisenberg too!!.


Botox & Juvederm





Dr. Cindy Bogdanoff is now your premier provider for Botox and Dermal Fillers (Juvederm)! Her talent in creating beautiful, healthy mouths and smiles now includes her ability to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, enhance lips, and soon will provide anti-aging treatments and skin care options. Having a beautiful smile already makes you look younger and more vibrant.  Now, with the addition of Botox and Dermal Filler treatments, our patients can look 15-20 years younger. Couple that with Dr. Cindy’s expertise as a dentist providing a unique ability to make the procedures relaxing and comfortable, you have a perfect opportunity to create a refreshed more youthful “frame” to enhance your beautiful smile!



What is Botox?

 Botox is a nonsurgical treatment that helps to temporarily improve moderate to severe frown lines between the brows, corner of the eyes or wrinkles above the lip area.  Botox is the number one cosmetic procedure in the United States and has a 97% patient satisfaction rate. The comfortable procedure takes about 10-20 minutes.


Dr. Cindy will customize Botox treatments for every patient (instead of just placing Botox units the same for every patient). With this treatment we can give a natural “lift” to your brows while decreasing fine lines and wrinkles on your forehead and eyes.  We use Botox in a way that still looks natural — so our patients can still express themselves normally, but just look refreshed! When Botox is done well and with moderation….it looks like you haven't had Botox! That's what we strive to achieve for you.


Botox is not only for women, men can also use this procedure to soften some of their wrinkles and fine lines.  Botox is safe for almost everyone.  


Botox results become evident in 3-7 days and lasts from 4-6 months.


What is Juvederm?

 Juvederm is a dermal filler that is used to correct deep lines and folds in your face.  It adds back the volume that we used to have when we were young.  Dr. Cindy uses Juvederm Ultra to sculpt your lips, adding back volume achieving sensuous results. She uses either Juvederm or Juvederm Ultra to reduce frown and “marionette” lines as well; creating the most youthful and attractive “frame” for your smile.

Here is where having a dentist’s unique abilities separate us from other offices which provide this therapy…..She will anesthetize (with the same type of injection she gives for your dental work) you first so that the procedure is completely comfortable from start to finish.  Our intra oral anesthetic keeps you comfortable during what might be a painful procedure otherwise; it decreases swelling in the area of the placement of filler material which gives a more realistic view of the area treated, and the anesthetic will decrease the chances of bruising which may occur without dental injections!


With Juvederm, you get instant results which can last a year or more, and the procedure itself takes just 20-40 minutes.  


It makes sense having your Dental Office care for your overall smile; who better understands the detail of what creates a beautiful smile and how to achieve it?


Call now to schedule your consultation — or let your hygienist know you're interested and we'll discuss it at your next visit.

May 2013 Patient Referral Winner

Congratulations to "Pat Anthony" our May Patient Referral Raffle Winner of the Gourmet Basket!!



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