Reducing Dental Rumors

As a revered Atlanta dental office, we take pride in helping our patients keep their mouths healthy, not just while within our walls, but at-home as well. We understand how some patients will do almost anything if it can potentially help benefit their oral health, but this desire can also lead to some not-recommended behaviors. Today we will be looking at three often questioned dental rumors, and will be addressing their potential benefits…and their more likely detriments.


The first rumor we hear about is patients crushing aspirin on their teeth in order to cure a toothache. Unfortunately, aspirin and related pain relieving tablets are only affective if taken into the bloodstream by means of oral digestion. Taking them properly may mask the pain temporarily, but a visit to our Atlanta dental office is recommended for prolonged issues. Not to mention, the chemical makeup of aspirin is extremely acidic, and once the safety coating is off- can lead to burns in the mouth if crushed, thus resulting in even more pain than you originally suffered from.


A second, highly contested rumor would be concerning the usage of baking soda as a teeth whitener. While early forms of toothpaste were just simple concoctions of baking soda and other substances, the science has evolved greatly over the years. Baking soda’s abrasive nature makes it so that, sure, it can “scratch” off the stains on the teeth- but it also can go too far. If a mixture of baking soda and water is not balanced properly or used too frequently, it could possible lead to enamel damage and more.


Lastly, the idea of diet soda being healthier than regular soda is often debated. While diet has a leg up by not using real sugar, instead deploying artificial sweeteners, it still maintains a level of acidity that matches regular soda. Acid and sugar can be just as detrimental to the teeth, so while there is one advantage- there is not enough to declare it a great switchover or success for your mouth.


Our Atlanta dental office has our doors wide open for whenever you have questions concerning your oral health, or need an appointment to take care of your dental issues. Call us at (404) 633-9663 to start progress on a great new smile, today! 

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