Effects of Exercise on Teeth

Atlanta Dental office on Work Out Worries


Exercising and working out are not only ways to help you look better physically, but of course ways to make your whole body feel better too. While this practice most evidently has links to your arms, chest and other external sites- working out can also affect your teeth too. Today your Atlanta dental care provider is here to discuss some links you may have never considered before between exercise and habits that can be harmful to the teeth.


Like many of our other dental health blogs will reinforce: your diet plays a huge role in the health of your teeth. This does not waver, of course, when it comes to supplements and items you may use to fuel your workout. Many energy or sports drinks, shakes and bars will sell you on the fact that their product is full of helpful nutrients and vitamins that can allow you to work out more efficiently, for longer. What they may not mention is the amount of sugars or acids that are in these products that can harm the teeth over time. You care enough about the health of your body that you work out, so try to take the extra time to pay attention to the nutrition label to see what is going into it as well.


Although the sugars and acids of these supplements can overtime harm the teeth in a variety of ways, a more “internalized” habit can be doing damage too. Rather you are running a mile or bench pressing some weights, you may opt to breathe through your mouth without even knowing it. By breathing through the mouth heavily, and not just while working out, you can be drying the mouth out and halting saliva production. Without saliva actively flowing in the mouth, you could be allowing bacteria and plaque to grow and develop, which can lead to enamel wear, decay and more. Saliva acts as a natural mouthwash for us, getting rid of the dietary particles that are often left behind and eventually lead to these detrimental problems. Without saliva or by decreasing it significantly, dental harm is imminent.


For more information on keeping your mouth safe during your training sessions, schedule an appointment with our Atlanta Dental office by calling (404) 633-9663 today!

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