Dental Headaches

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Though the causes may vary, patients and doctors alike suffer from headaches now and again. Whether at the hands of anxiety, a lack of sleep, having too good of a time last night or other causes- dentistry and headaches have more in relation than you may think. Today your top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta will be discussing some of the potential causes of dental related headaches, as well as how to treat them.




The overall correlating factor in all dental related headaches is the nerves. Many of the nerves and systems of the mouth, head and neck are all interconnected in some fashion, so this means that a pain (or perceived pain) in one place can actually travel to another. For example, a cavity in the mouth can then transmit signals resulting in a headache to the brain.


Major causes related to these headaches can be a misalignment of the teeth or issues with chewing surfaces. Many of these can ultimately result from chronic tooth grinding, also known as bruxism. The sheer force the jaw muscles can exert not only do damage to the teeth, but the surrounding muscles and nerves as well, and these can lead to headaches frequently.




Just as with any sort of diagnosis and treatment plan for chronic headaches, pinpointing one cause linked directly to a dental condition may not be easy. No matter if it is your Atlanta dentist or another doctor you see that makes the correlation, some treatment options may be available.


Orthodontic treatments and reshaping the teeth to ensure a better fit could be one way to treat the headaches. For teeth grinding, night time mouth guards commonly will be used to protect the teeth. Other forms of treatment include stress management and relaxation techniques, surgery, massage and good old fashioned ice packs.


Our bodies are complex systems that interconnect in ways we could never imagine sometimes- and that, of course, includes our mouths and our headaches.


To discuss your dental headache pain, or to try and relieve it with help from the top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Atlanta, please call our office today at (404) 633-9663!

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