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Time to Quit Smoking!

Here Is What Happens The Moment You Stop Smoking Quitting smoking is tough. It’s probably why about 70% of smokers actually want to quit but don’t. It’s also why only about 7% of smokers successfully quit on their first try. (1) But there is the positive side of the story. The changes in your body from the moment you stop smoking are exponential and all hope is not lost to revert the damage done to your health.

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Botox and Dermal Fillers In Dentistry - Oh My!

What does a trip to the Dentist and BOTOX or Dermal Fillers have in common? Now they can be one in the same!  In 2012, the Georgia Board of Dentistry began licensing Dentists, with approved training and licensure, to use Botox and Injectable fillers (like Juvederm) in their practice.  As a dentist we give hundreds of injections weekly in the facial region, probably more than any other licensed practitioner in that area of the body.  Who better to give the injections than a person who does thousands yearly?

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