Keeping Dental Appointments


Keep Your Dental Appointments!

December 8, 2011

Every dentist hears amusing and creative excuses for missed appointments—you know, variations on the dog ate my homework theme.  Some patients just flat out admit they had something better to do.  But the real truth is they only think they’ve got something better to do.  Your oral health is precious—and without regular care—precarious.

Let me explain. Your body is its own ecosystem. When your gums are healthy, bacteria in your mouth usually don’t enter your bloodstream. However, gum disease may provide bacteria a port of entry into your bloodstream. Gum disease can let bacteria enter your bloodstream and wreak havoc elsewhere in your body. Or sometimes, signs of a disease may first show up in your mouth.

Top Reasons to Not Miss Your Regularly Scheduled Dentist Appointments

Posted by brian in Oral health ,      March 18th, 2013 – 02:03 pm

The best way to treat your teeth is to keep them clean and healthy. Missing your regularly scheduled dentist appointments means you miss the best cleaning and overall health check you can receive. You will also be missing a chance to prevent more serious conditions, have cosmetic consultations to solve discoloring or misalignment, or have teeth extracted.

Oral health is very important and contributes to your overall wellbeing. Poor oral hygiene is linked to heart disease and stroke, so skipping the dentist may lead to much more serious complications. It is understood that the dentist is a place some do not like very much, but you may end up with a more serious condition than a cavity. Every six months for a cleaning and exam does not seem so bad when compared to the more serious complications of a heart attack, now does it? Keep your regular appointments; the benefits of a clean mouth outweigh any discomfort a dentist may bring.

Yellowing of the teeth or misalignment may be caused by age or what you eat and drink, but there may be other underlying reasons. Skipping your scheduled dentist appointments where a consultation on such concerns could be done is not improving your smile. Sometimes cosmetic procedures are inconsequential, but if straightening your teeth reduces headaches, or the yellowing of your teeth is not being caused by coffee, you may wish you had kept your appointment.

Extractions are certainly not what anyone wants to have done, but in some cases it is best for your overall dental and physical health. Toothaches are not pleasant, and sometimes they are overcome by getting a cavity filled, but in other circumstances the tooth just needs to be pulled. Skipping an appointment and allowing an infected or broken tooth to remain is never a good idea. Always go to the dentist for your scheduled appointments and when circumstances point to an oral health issue. Missing a scheduled appointment will only add to the plaque buildup and deterioration caused by oral bacteria. Stay ahead of the game and prevent dental emergencies in the future. Prevention is easier than extraction.


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