Our Grief with Sensitive Teeth

“You’ve got a lot of nerve!”


In the case of your mouth, yes, the above could not be any truer. About half of the population claim to have some kind of sensitivity when it comes to their mouth, and that all boils down to nerves. Patients who deal with this issue day in and day out know how severe and truly unfortunate it can be. For when all you want is a simple cup of tea or cold glass of water- the pain brought on can immediately make you regret your decisions. Your Dentist in Atlanta know your distress and want to help you identify some of the triggers and causes, as well as preventative measures to be taken against sensitive teeth.


You would think that by maintaining a healthy, regular, oral hygiene routine that you would be preventing sensitive teeth issues all together. While this in theory is correct, if done improperly, by brushing and flossing too hard, too frequently or using the wrong instruments, it can be detrimental. Remain vigilant in how you clean, because on the other side of the coin, gum disease brought on by the lack of oral hygiene can also lead to sensitivity issues.


The very same dietary triggers that send our mouths into agony can also be the original causes. Certain beverages, such as coffee or tea, contain high levels of acid that can wear away the enamel of the teeth. Having snacks with high sugar content can also, overtime, lead to damaging plaque and bacteria building up, resulting in decay. The damage done leaves microscopic holes in the teeth, not only exposing nerves, but exposing you to an unpleasant next bite or sip. Cutting down on or removing these and related edible offenders from your routine can not only potentially prevent issues, but stop attacks from occurring as well.


Proper oral hygiene routines, a healthier diet and regular checkups with your Dentist in Atlanta can help you not only avoid, but treat sensitive teeth issues. Make an appointment today by calling us at (404) 633- 9663.

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