A Brighter Smile for You

Here at Dr.'s Eisenberg and Bogdanoff's Dental office, your Dentist in Atlanta, our patients always want to know the way to get a whiter smile. Though the strongest and most efficient way would be via an in-office whitening appointment or take home kit, there have been a number of products attempting to compete with this efficiency released in the past few years. Commercial and in-store whitening kits, toothpastes, chewing gums and more all boast their ability to give you a whiter smile in X amount of days or weeks, but may not prove to be all so affective in the long run.


For those patients who do not want to fool around with any store bought chemicals or methods, or those just curious about a natural option, there are several dietary selections you can choose from to get your most vibrant smile ever.


Though probably not the most popular items with your kids at the dinner table, carrots and broccoli have tremendous whitening properties. Broccoli can polish teeth if eaten raw, and also forms natural anti-acid barriers around the teeth. Carrots contain certain vitamins that improve your enamel as well as helping produce saliva, which is also needed for a healthy smile.


If looking for a little “sweeter” option, strawberries and pineapples have you covered. Both contain natural antioxidants and enzymes that can remove pre-existing stains as well as repelling new stains from setting on the surface of the tooth.


Though these fruits and veggies try hard, they all pale in comparison to the mighty apple.

Within the bite of a single apple you can be not only destroying plaque causing bacteria and whitening your teeth, but also strengthening your gums and producing saliva. It turns out one a day really DOES have the potential of keeping the doctor away!


Adding these foods to your diet, while cutting down on coffee, dark teas and berries (blue and blackberries), soda and tobacco- you can have a whiter smile, naturally!


Your Dentist in Atlanta wants you to have a smile you can be proud of and show off to the world. To keep your regular visits or make a whitening appointment with us, call (404) 633-9663 or CLICK HERE !

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