Defending Your Brush

As the ultimate defense against bacteria and decay in your oral health, why would you want your toothbrush to be plagued by plaque outside of your mouth too? As your Atlanta Dentist we are telling you that you do not want that to be the case, at all. Proper storage and cleaning of your toothbrush is the only way to prevent it from growing bacteria between brushes and potentially turning against you in your fight together for your excellent oral health.


The first step to take is an easy one that most patients are probably engaging in already, without even totally knowing the benefit. Rinse the head of your brush out with hot water before and after brushing, while gently rubbing a finger through the bristles. This combination of force, heat and flow will wash away any lingering bacteria in the brush so they do not get a chance to develop further.


Following this, storage is as crucial a role as any in toothbrush maintenance. Make sure your brush is upright and in a well ventilated area, no little plastic caps or helmets shutting it in. Make sure your brush holder is not situated too close to walls or other surfaces, and that the head of the brush is not making contact with other brush heads either. If the holder has a closed bottom, make sure to wash out the film or residue that can accumulate at the bottom frequently.


Although following these steps will almost definitely ensure your brush is not re- or cross contaminated in any way, every 3 to 4 months you must replace the brush (or if electric, the head) to ensure the most hygienic, as well as thorough, cleaning every time.


At your Atlanta Dentist, we understand that sometimes toothbrush maintenance is not number one on the priority list when we are rushing out the door in the morning. If you feel your brush has gotten the best of you, or wish to find out more- call (404) 633-9663 to schedule an appointment with us today! 

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