Troubled by Tooth Abscess

Whether it’s because you’re feeling some kind of oral discomfort or it’s time for your bi-annual cleaning, it’s always important to regularly visit your Atlanta cosmetic dentistry. Unfortunately, in spite of the obvious health risks, there are still some patients who prefer to avoid the dentist. It’s important to remember that the oral health complications associated with avoiding your dentist are not worth the risk. Dental, or tooth abscess is the collection of a fluid-like pus, a combination of dead tissue, white blood cells, and living and dead bacteria, that forms inside the root of the teeth or in between the gums. It’s essentially a bacterial infection of the tooth or gum that has been left untreated. Tooth abscess is just one of the many health risks associated with avoiding regular visits to your Atlanta dentist.


There are two types of dental abscess: periapical abscess and periodontal abscess. The first type, periapical abscess, occurs inside the tooth and usually causes plaque development that forms tiny holes on the tooth; this is also known as tooth decay. Unless treated, the bacteria will continue to infect the center of the tooth and damage the structural support that keeps the tooth in place. Periodontal abscess affects the gums and is usually caused by food buildup between the tooth and gum.


The most common signals of dental abscess include unbearable toothache, tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures, pimple-like appearance or pus leakage, bad breath, fever, and swelling or tenderness. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, they should not be left untreated, and it’s vital that you contact your Atlanta cosmetic dentistry right away for a consultation. There are many treatments for troublesome dental abscess, depending on the type of condition, including root canal procedure, drainage of the pus or tooth extraction. The main goals for treating dental abscess are to eliminate the infection, save the tooth as best as possible, and support the tooth’s supporting structure.


We hope to see all of our patients at our Atlanta cosmetic dentistry once every 6 months for regular check ups to avoid oral health complications like dental abscess.

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