Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist on Plaque Peril

Plaque is typically defined as a build-up of bacteria that forms a slime or film in the mouth. As your Atlanta cosmetic dentist, we see the detrimental effect of plaque on patients daily, and, of course, wish for you to never have to experience its terrible consequences. While having no plaque at all, ever, is probably not very realistic or likely, today we will provide you with some information to help set yourself up more efficiently for your battle against this dental disruption.


Your number one defense and tool to use for the prevention of plaque build-up is your toothbrush. Plaque can start to develop anywhere from 4 to 12 hours due to dietary decisions and saliva production. With the help of brushing twice daily, for at least two minutes per session, and following proper technique, you can then lower your risks of seeing damage from plaque. Make sure to cover all surfaces of the teeth properly with a soft bristle brush, and to brush the gum line thoroughly as well. A toothpaste with fluoride, which helps protect the teeth from plaque, is always recommended…as is a follow up with a mouthwash that can rinse away any lingering bacteria that may lead to plaque infestation.


Flossing is, of course, the other major at-home regimen to take to, as it covers the cleaning of over one-third of your mouth. No matter how you try, your toothbrush can not always efficiently get all of those “hard to reach” areas, and that is where floss comes into play. By using the disposable flossers that have become so popular, or by breaking off a string of the old fashioned stuff, you can clean between teeth and eliminate leftover particles while targeting the gum line, an often overlooked, but highly frequented germ hideout.


At-home maintenance of the teeth is without a doubt the best way to battle plaque. If left untreated, plaque can develop can result in hard to remove tartar, stains, cavities, decay and worse. Typically at these “later stages,” the hands and tools of a skilled hygienist or dental professional are needed to eliminate or treat dental issues. It is of course highly advised you do not let it go this far.


If you have any further questions about techniques of flossing, brushing or about plaque you can always visit our FAQ page. And to schedule an appointment with your Atlanta cosmetic dentist, please call us today at (404) 633-9663. 

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