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Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist on Substantial Shifts


Did you know that dentures used to be made out of ivory? Though it is fabled that historical persons such as George Washington had wooden teeth, he, in fact, had teeth of ivory, which can be crafted from the tusks of various animals.


While thinking about facts like these concerning the history of dentistry, it is unbelievable to see how far we have come since ivory dentures and other appliances of the past. To further put into perspective how our profession has changed, today your Atlanta cosmetic dentist will be reviewing two important shifts in cosmetic dentistry practices, dealing specifically with how we treat cavities and lost teeth in the current era.


Tooth decay, rot and cavities are as old a problem as humanity itself, but what has changed along the way is how we treat these dental detriments. In the process of treating a cavity, first the decayed portion of the tooth must be removed. That has not changed. What has become commonplace in the last recent stretch of time is what we fill the empty void with after. Where amalgam, a combination of silver, tin, mercury and other metals, was once the dominant filler, composite resin has taken the lead for many patients worldwide. The main separation between these two is the fact that composite can be placed anywhere in the mouth, including highly visible front teeth. Having a golden or silver incisor from your Atlanta cosmetic dentist is no longer a necessity thanks to this groundbreaking compound.


The second major development comes in the form of a treatment that would have sounded too science fiction to be true years ago: bonding metal to living tissue. Specifically we are referring to dental implants and how they are slowly becoming the number one choice for replacing missing teeth. It works by placing a titanium root at the location of the missing tooth (or teeth) and allowing it to bond to the gum tissue and bone. Once healed, the metal implant is topped with a crown- a false tooth replacement. This process gives the patient back their bite in the most natural looking and feeling way possible.


With the growth of technologies like 3D printing and more on the horizon, who knows where the dental field will be in even 5, 10 years from now. What you will know is that for all of the treatments listed above, and so much more, you can turn to your Atlanta cosmetic dentist as your number one provider of all the newest techniques and treatments.


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