Sugar Hiding In Your Food

Atlanta Cosmetic Dentist on Sugars in “Healthy” Choices


Diets, and the companies that produce the correlating foods are no new invention.


It seems that quite often a new diet is introduced and is supposed to be healthier for you than anyone previously…until the new one comes out. With that, phenomenon comes companies willing to dive head on into these trends, marketing foods that work in the parameters requested.


As things like “low sugar,” “diet,” and “organic” become more and more popular labels to be placed on foods, you have to wonder- how much better for you can they be? Today your Atlanta cosmetic dentist looks at this issue a bit more.


You loaded yourself up with a wholemeal cereal for breakfast, vitamin packed sports drink for during the day, an organic meal bar for a snack, and all sorts of “lean” and “natural” choices for dinner. You couldn’t be better off from a dental point of view, right?


Well, unfortunately, not always. Many of these options, while true to their labels and maybe lacking some of the typical gluten/hormones/fat content etc., can still be packed full of mouth harming sugars.


But you would think if a diet is such an important part of the lifestyle, why not just turn it over and check the nutritional label?


Because that may not be the easiest solution anymore. Instead of blatantly saying “sugar” on many of these foods, other words and ingredients such as fructose, glucose, molasses, corn syrup, sucrose, fruit juice concentrate and more can be utilized- and be just as devastating as real sugar. The worst part is that it is totally legal and most consumers don’t know much better.


Of course you know as an experienced reader of our Atlanta cosmetic dentist blog that long-term exposures to sugars, by any name, can result in enamel erosion, teeth decay, disease and other whole body health issues. So they should be avoided anyway that you can.


Make sure to check the nutritional label of any food choice you may make, no matter the diet, trend or craze it is currently involved in. And most importantly, know what it is you are putting into your body before you take that first step.


For more information on this topic, or to schedule an appointment with your Atlanta cosmetic dentist, call our office today at (404) 633-9663.

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