Beating Common Dental Myths

Talking Dental Facts with Your Atlanta Dental Location


It’s not an unpopular myth that many people will do everything in their power to avoid going to the dentist. Anxiety holds back people from making their appointment, or just makes it harder to stay comfortable. With all of this bundled up stress, it’s no surprise that there are a collection of myths that spread like wildfire. These myths can contribute to the bad reputation that dentists already have, and your Atlanta Dental location is here to help you beat these common tales.


What Happens When You See Blood
When you brush your teeth and see blood, it can be scary sometimes. It can keep people from continuing to brush at that time, and perhaps limit the time of your brushing. But the reason for the bleeding is because of the lack of brushing and flossing because food particles are wedged in between your teeth that haven’t been properly cleaned. Brushing and flossing twice a day is what will keep the bleeding from returning. If the blood is consistently coming back, then contact your dentist as soon as possible.


What Happens When You Have Bad Breath
A popular myth is that if you have bad breath, then you don’t brush your teeth. While that may be the case, there are other reasons that bad breath arises. When brushing, don’t forget to brush the back of your tongue because that’s where a lot of the smell lingers from your food. Bad breath could be because of an illness in your stomach, or something as simple as what you eat. If you smoke cigarettes, then the tobacco lingers longer and can easily create a bad smell.


What Happens When You Use Aspirin
This is an old tale and home remedy—putting crushed aspirin directly on a tooth that’s in pain—that has been used a lot in the past, but it does more damage than you think. Aspirin isn’t made to be crushed and directly applied to anything, it’s meant to be digested because your stomach is able to handle the break down. If you put this crushed pill on your tooth, you’re willingly damaging the tissue of your mouth.


There are countless other dental myths out there and if you’re interested in debunking these, ask your Atlanta Dental location by calling this number (404) 633-9663 or requesting a consultation here!

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