Need to Know about DIY Whitening

To Safely Brighten Your Smile, Your Atlantic Cosmetic Dentist Wants You to Do It Right!


Over the last few decades, teeth whitening has become one of the most popular DIY activities across the states. From celebrity promotions to take-home kits, everybody seems to want a bright, white, perfect smile these days. Unfortunately, there are some methods of teeth whitening that can be dangerous for a patient’s oral health and they may not even realize it. To make sure you know the steps to take care of your teeth before preforming this self-procedure, your Atlanta cosmetic dentist wants to share the importance of DIY teeth whitening.


The first step that should be taken before a patient begins any self-whitening is to consult their dentist. Making an appointment for a simple teeth cleaning may be all you need to improve the brightness of your smile. If you’re still not comfortable with the shade of your teeth, discuss with your dentist that you’re interested in purchasing over-the-counter kits. Depending on the status of your teeth, if they’re healthy enough or not, then your dentist may say that you’re good to go or that you should try another option. If your teeth aren’t up for the task of teeth whitening, then the process can be more painful than you think.


If your smile isn’t turning out as white as you want it to be, then give it time or switch to another product. But whatever you do, do not over-whiten your teeth! This can not only cause a lot of uncomfortable pain, but perhaps serious dental problems down the road. Your teeth, gums, and enamel can’t handle being constantly coated with certain bleaching products that are in whitening kits, and can cause possible issues like a root canal. Your teeth can only be so white, so if you’re not getting the right white, talk to your dentist before moving to the next product.


The take-home kits may not be working for you as well as you would like, or they may be too painful to use on your own. Discussing with your dentist about their teeth whitening options could be your best option! If your teeth are sensitive, then they’ll be able to accommodate your needs and help improve your smile.


If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, contact your Atlanta cosmetic dentist to talk about the best over-the-counter kits, or their personal teeth whitening methods. Call this number (404) 633-9663 or request an appointment by clicking here today!

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